Ritt and Qimmiq

Tundra Friends


Aqi, the ptarmigan, is new in town which makes her feel sad and lonely. She’s open to making new friends and enjoys bike riding and berry picking. 

Sometimes I Feel Sad/Lonely


Miki is a quiet and calm lemming. He often helps his friends learn about their emotions by encouraging them to take a moment to think about how they’re reacting to different situations.

Sometimes I Feel Scared/Angry


Sissi is a siksik who can sometimes be jealous and grumpy. Those are tricky emotions but her friends are always there to cheer her up or talk things through with her. She’s always very grateful when her friends can help her. 

Sometimes I Feel Left Out/Jealous


Nauka is a happy and positive seagull, who loves to put his positive spin on everything! He encourages his friends to look at the bright side and shows them that by changing your perspective, problems don’t seem so big. 

Sometimes I Feel Frustrated/Nervous


An eager and curious husky, Taku loves to play with her friends.

Sometimes I Feel Jealous


Tiu-Tiu is an angry and frustrated snow bunting. When things don’t go her way, she often gets upset. She’s learning new ways to deal with her difficult emotions and likes drawing. Sometimes I Feel Frustrated/Angry


Tuka, the caribou, often wants to enjoy new activities, but he’s too scared and nervous. All it takes is some support from his friends, and he’s ready to join in on the fun. 

Sometimes I Feel Nervous/Scared


Uka is an excitable and impulsive arctic hare. Uka is full of energy and sometimes acts without thinking things through. 

Sometimes I Feel Frustrated/Left Out/Jealous


Ukpik is a bored and restless snowy owl who is always looking for a new way to have fun or a new activity to try. 

Sometimes I Feel Bored/Jealous



Meeka is a precocious young girl who hopes to educate her class about staying healthy. Meeka likes to make sure that her classmates make good choices when it comes to their personal health and takes every opportunity to show them the right way to do things from coughing and sneezing into your arm to the importance of regular teeth check-ups and cleanings, Meeka has it covered!


A classmate of Meeka’s who is open to learning more about what he can do to live a healthier lifestyle. He has a fear of having a dental check-up but with Meeka’s encouragement, he ends up understanding why it’s so important and gets a check-up and a cleaning!


Jeff is another friend at school who also wants to learn more about healthy practices. Luckily, Meeka is patient and likes explaining things when Jeff doesn’t understand. 


Sonia is in the same class as Meeka. She admires Meeka’s passion for good health and is always on board with Meeka’s ideas about how to make important health choices.

Nanuq and Nuka


Despite Nuka’s grumpy exterior, deep down, he just wants to have fun with his friends. Nuka is a persistent bear who doesn’t give up when he sets his mind to something.


A big polar bear who know what it means to be a good friend. Nanuq likes to stay active by playing hockey and often has to find creative ways to cheer up Nuka. 


Umingmak is Nanuq and Nuka’s muskox friend. She enjoys joining in on their fun!

Tulugaq and Naujaq

Tulugaq, the raven, and Naujaq, the seagull, are a comedic duo that often watch the fun and games from the sidelines.